Turkish Coffee Selamlique | Cardamon

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Cardamon spiced turkish coffee - a classic for centuries in the Middle East.

Cardamon, which is part of the ginger family, is generally used as a cooking spice to flavour food and drinks, and also as a medicine.
Although expensive, its unique taste and bold aroma mean only small quantities are needed to give out ist flavour.
In the middle east cardamon has long been used and is commonly found as flavouring in sweets, teas and, of course, coffee.

Made from specially grown Arabica beans, this indulgent Cardamon blend is the perfect pick-me-up.

Tasting notes : Balanced acidity, smooth body, mild cardamon finish.

Available in a metal tin box (125g).

Ingredients : Ground Turkish Coffee and cardamon (1.68%)
Type : Arabica
Caffeine content: 1.2 %
Pairing notes : Best after heavy meals with spicy foods.
Roast : Medium Roasted
Roasting method : Traditional fine Turkish coffee grind obtained using stone grinding mill.
Processing method : Sun-dried
Grind : Fine
Country / Region : Brazil / Rio Minas

Store in a cool and dry place

Made in Izmir, Turkey

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