Gift Sets

 An elegant selection of accessories to make the perfect gift.

Copper Turkish Coffee Pot | Selamlique

Copper Turkish Coffee Pot with ebony handle and coral detailing.

Set of 2 Turkish Coffees and a Turkish Coffee Pot | Selamlique

Set of 2 Turkish Coffees and a Turkish Coffee Pot | Selamlique.

Set of Turkish Coffee, Coffee Pot and 2 Cups | Selamlique

Set of Turkish Coffee, Turkish Coffee Pot and 2 Cups | Selamlique.

Set of 2 Coffee Cups with 2 Turkish Coffee | Selamlique

Set of 2 coffee cups and 2 x 125g Turkish coffee.

Black Turkish Delight Platter | Medium

Black Turkish Delight Platter | Medium.

Black Turkish Delight Platter | Large

Black Turkish Delight Platter | Large.

Honey Scented Candle | Selamlique

Honey Scented Candle by Selamlique.

Rose Scented Candle | Selamlique

Rose Scented Candle by Selamlique.

Turkish Coffee Scented Candle | Selamlique

Turkish Coffee Scented Candle by Selamlique.

Silver Turkish Coffee Pot | Selamlique

Silver Turkish Coffee Pot | Selamlique.

Silver Tray

Silver Tray by Selamlique.

Large Silver Plated Tray

Large Silver Tray by Selamlique.